Street Sign Strategy:Limit activity

The problems at the corner of Madison and Mason,   resulted in a running gun battle in the streets  in the early hours of June 25th. According to neighbors, the nightly fighting, drug and alcohol use and drug sales at this corner resulted in individuals chasing others up Mason, firing shots, turning left on Washington and continuing to fire multiple shots. Neighbors had multiple bullet holes in their cars and another neighbor suffered a bullet hole in the front picture window of their home.

In June, police made several arrests at this corner after multiple gun shots were fired.  Also in June, many neighbors viewed a  dead body in the alley behind this corner. Police ruled this death a suicide but the neighbors all heard two shots.

On a nightly basis, the zero hundred north block on Mason is the site of active, unabated drug sales, drinking on the public way, blocked streets, fights, loud music and screaming.  Cars, with music blasting, park there with their trunks open, filled with liquor bottles and cups. People lounge on the hoods of the cars drinking and using drugs.

The daytime offers no reprieve. The day care center had to put a dark film over the windows  to shield the eyes of the children from men urinating in the windows. Every morning we must pick up the bottles, cups, food and other debris resulting from their nightly activities.

The activity is conducted in the only section of the block that does not have permit parking. There are no restrictions on parking in the area where people congregate to commit such destructive acts.

WE NEED OTHER OPTIONS. We need  strategic tools to assist the police and residents in handling this problem. Some restriction on parking, such as a 30 minute or one hour limit to parking in that area could provide some relief.

We were led to speak with Mr. George Black, Director of Transportation for the city of Chicago. He suggested that we contact the Alderman to ask what study can be done to identify other sign options.