Block Beautification

Block Beautification Committee Overview:

Create a more inviting visual of our neighborhood.

Where our mission is brought to reality

  • Determine vision
  • Identify and rank priorities
  • Select at least one goal to achieve by August 21
  • For each activity, develop program plan: Tasks, responsibilities ,due date, budget. Internal and external resources needed
  • Prepare monthly status report for each meeting and post on web site

Facilitator:  Marvin Marshall


  • Work with all blocks to design a beautification plan
  • Build a team of volunteers to assist block with corner plantings, trash pick up, alley cleaning, yard work and home repairs for the elderly.
  • Explore a non profit landscaping and/or home repair business that hires and trains community members in need of work.
  • Design and launch an anti-litter campaign in our neighborhood.
  • Work with City to revive anti-litter campaigns in the  Austin community that includes our schools and businesses with “Adopt a Hi-way” principles.
  • Work with City to get beautification support that includes tools, aggressive litter enforcement, dilapidated garage tear downs, board ups and abandoned buildings clean-up, grants, graffiti clean-up, storm drain cleaning, standing water, etc.
  • Build beautification teams on each block


– cut grass

– weed clean-up

– string trimming

– flower planting

– trash pick up

– train on landscaping

– equipment loan/rental

– donate plants, flowers

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