CANA begins celebration of its fifth year with a night at the opera


More than 65 CANA members enjoyed the kick-off to its fifth year of impact and influence, by attending a performance of Porgy and Bess, an American classic, at the Lyric Opera. Set in the 1930s in a fictitious African-American Charleston neighborhood known as Catfish Row, Porgy and Bess, a Gershwin opera, is the tragic love story of a crippled beggar named Porgy and a beautiful addict named Bess. The unlikely relationship gradually finds acceptance on Catfish Row, until a hurricane and the return of a past lover enter their lives.

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For many, this was their first opera. From the comments we received, it won’t be their last.

This was a wonderful opportunity to socialize with neighbors and build an even stronger sense of community, as we begin to celebrate the holiday season. The setting was beautiful and the performance was moving.

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In keeping with our desire to improve the quality of life in the Austin community, making time for diverse entertainment is one of the many ways to reach our goal of expanding appreciation for the arts.  This event builds upon our past events that included:

Annual Neighborhood Festivals

  • Chicago Tango Society Dance Instruction and Performances
  • Tai Chi Lessons
  • Millennium Park Outdoor Concert

We invite you to join us in our celebration of five years of impact and influence.  The work and the fun continue.