Another Successful Big Block Party!!!

CANA’s Fourth Annual Big Block Party (16+4 blocks) was a raving success. On Saturday, July 18, 2015, the Central Austin Neighborhood Association celebrated 5 Years of Positive Community Impact.   Pony Rides, CANA Grillmaster BBQ Contest, Petting Zoo, Cake and Ice Cream, Senior Bingo, Watermelon, Face Painting, Rickshaw Rides, Free Raffles and More Fun.   Our goal of bringing our community together was met and exceeded. We saw more than 150 participants. We were much too busy enjoying ourselves to keep counting.   This annual event enhances our sense of community by bringing together neighbors, families, elected officials, public safety officers, local business owners and friends.   We were pleased to see the number of officials that came out and engaged the community one on one and built trust and respect for their role in service to us. We were honored to spend time with a number of local dignitaries and officials. They included:

  • Commissioner Richard Boykin joined us for Tai Chi to open the event
  • 15th District Police Commander Dewayne Betts was a Judge for our CANA BBQ Grillmaster Contest
  • Alderman Chris Taliaferro was a Judge for the CANA BBQ Grillmaster Contest
  • Local Activist and Community Liaison Thomas Simmons was a Judge for the CANA BBQ Grillmaster Contest
  • Ward Streets and Sanitation Representative Dwayne Wurtz carried on Kyle Smith’s legacy of community engagement
  • David Boulanger of Third Unitarian Church dropped by to reaffirm 3rd Church’s support for CANA and the community. As the only predominately white congregation in Austin that did not leave during the years of white flight, we appreciate their conviction and support.
  • Officer Jorge Munoz ,-15th District Troubled Buildings Officer, engaged just about every individual at the event with handshakes and supportive conversation. Note: We could fix the police and community trust problem overnight if we could clone Officer Munoz! Thank You!
[cincopa A4MAVwspE0Gr] Rickshaw Rick from Oak Park not only provided rides for the kids but was a Judge for the CANA BBQ Grillmaster contest!   We also provided information to help families access available resources at the community, city and state level. In addition to bringing laughter and light for one day, we want to help our community have a better tomorrow.   We often say that “CANA makes Austin look good”. We strive to encourage pride and direct attention to our positive community assets.   CANA Community Stakeholders came together for this event to volunteer and donate their time, talents and treasures to create a day of fun activities and enlightenment for adults and children. Key support for making our event a success came from:

  • Joe and Bea Hardy
  • Robert Smith
  • Judge Marianne Jackson
  • Dirk and Ann Jordan
  • Ellen Lewis
  • Smitty
  • Lanell family
  • Doug Herlihy
  • Sharon and Camilla Holmes
  • Luwanda & Miss Jane Shirley
  • Lilly Boykin
  • Robert Sykes
  • Mildred Salone
  • Linda Fields
  • Jackie & Ron McCowan
  • Greg and Sabrina  Anderson
  • Bruce and Wadeane Jackson
  • Winona Jackson
  • Jeff and Victoria Saxton
  • Kenyon and Paris Washington
  • Chris Baker, Third Unitarian Church
  • Villetta Wells
  • Ron & Serethea Reid
  • John Kukla
  • Vera Watson
  • John Todd
  • David and Mina Boulanger, Third Unitarian Church
  • Allen Matthews, Third Unitarian Church
  • Laury’s Bakery
  • Little Folks Cottage Daycare
  • Chicago’s Home of Chicken and Waffles

In addition to the fun previously listed, we enjoyed:

  • Live DJ
  • Basketball and Ping Pong
  • Games and Prizes
  • Free Raffle Giveaways
  • Food and Refreshments

Don’t wait until next year, We invite you to connect with us now. Our work continues. You can email us at