A More Beautiful Austin, 16 Blocks at a time

Part of the mission of the Central Austin Neighborhood Association is to unite residents in the effort to transform Austin into a more vibrant and attractive place to live, work, play and raise children. We want to create and support a greater sense of responsibility for creating a better environment for our children. We want to raise expectations and set better examples for all residents.

 We invited everyone to come out and participate in the Spring Cleaning that took place on Saturday, March 19th.  We began at the corner of Austin and Madison and covered the 16 block area bounded by Austin, Menard, Madison and Corcoran.

 As anticipated we exceeded our previous accomplishment for our second Spring Cleaning. Given the larger turnout, we were able to split into two teams. We were able to accomplish more in less time.

 We were joined by 12 students and 2 faculty members from Christ the King High School. They worked diligently from 9:00AM to 1:00PM.

 We had double the number of CANA members from our first effort. 16 members, ages ranging from 8 to 70, came out to sweep and pick up litter.

 Along the way we greeted and met our neighbors. Residents came out to offer words of support and encouragement. They reported that they had seen the flyers inviting them to meetings but had not been able to attend. Others asked for options for providing support.

At the end of the cleaning, we got together to share a meal. It was  prepared and donated by CANA members and Third Unitarian Church members. 

Our president thanked all of the participants for their hard work. She also took the opportunity to speak to the students about the need to start early to look for funds for college.

The students also heard from a CANA member who is also a high school student. Imani shared her experiences with identifying funds for college. She spoke about options for summer enrichment experiences. We received very positive feedback from the students and the faculty about the total experience.

 The Spring Cleaning is only the first step in our larger plan for bringing more flowers and greenery to the area. May 14, 2011 we will be tilling the land at the corners to prepare the ground for new plantings. On May 21, 2011 we will begin to plant the corners.

 You can help in this effort to bring more beauty to each block. You can donate plants, fertilizer and/or time. Contact us at (312) 952-4983 for more information.

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