Anti-Litter Pro-Healthy Living Campaign

CANA has begun working with Redevelopment Management Resources (RMR) on the planning process for our “Our Kids are Watching Us” campaign.

If you would like to be involved or to donate, please call 312-952 4983

We estimate curriculum materials at $200.00 /block X 16 = $3,200.00

Each 6 X 4 ft weather proof sign will be $120.00 each X 16 = $1,920.00

Each large poster will be $5.00 each X 20 per block = 320 poster X $5.00 ea=  $1,600


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We plan to engage children on every block in our 16 block area to help talk with their families and neighbors about litter and healthy living.


  • Develop brief curriculum on how litter affects our neighborhood
  • Develop curriculm about healthy living choices
  • Teach kids to pick up litter in front of their homes and their block
  • Collect and analyse garbage on their block
  • Create a sign and poster campaign for each block
  • Feature faces of children from each block with caption “Our Kids are Watching Us”
  • Add ” Respect Our Neighborhood, Respect Ourselves” caption
  • Add Please Don’t Litter, Please Make Healthy Choices” caption to Picture of block litter collected
  • Add Call-out bubbles to Litter Picture with possible consequences for each piece of garbage
  • Create 6 X 4 foot signs for each of our 16 blocks that feature the faces of kids from that block
  • Hang 6 X 4 foot signs on the fence of a volunteer home or building, one per block.
  • Create smaller posters for the participating children to hand out as they desire.
  • Measure impact and refine the campaign
  • Open dialog with local schools to bring the campaign to them




Anti-Litter Pro-Healthy Living 




Litter makes for a:           Filthy Neighborhood          Attracts rats and rodents

          Most animals won’t defecate where they live

Our litter shows how we :           Disrespect Our Neighborhood          Disrespect Ourselves


Drug PacketLiquor Bottles Cigarillo PackCigarette Pack Used Condom Fast Food PackageCandy Wrappers

Soda Cans

Chip bags

Bullet Shell Casing
Drugs & Alcohol Smoking Promiscuous Sex Junk Food Violence
Can’t pass drug test for a job    Make bad decisionsWould you want a high: Dr.


Police Office

Train operator


Anyone providing a service to you?

Cancer Asthma


Smell bad 

  Aids  STD

   Children raising Children

– Abortion

– Unwanted children

          Diabetes          Obesity          Your body is a temple

          High Blood Pressure

          Heart Disease

          Death          Murder



          Destroy Families

           Destroy Lives          Prison






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