Be a Part of a Winning Team: Spread Beauty

It’s May and already we can see the beginnings of another summer of wonderful accents throughout our neighborhood. Thanks to our work in April, and building upon the foundation we set last year, we are well prepared to create more beauty in Austin.


 Come and participate in something beautiful.


This coming Saturday, May 5th, we will welcome the Christ the King High School faculty, parents and student volunteers. They will help us with cleaning and additional corner preparation work.

On Saturday, May 19th, we will plant the flowers on the 22 corners throughout the CANA neighborhood. We would like to assign teams to each intersection or corner to complete the work.

There are many ways that you can help:


  • Come out and help to plant flowers or prepare the corners for planting. Bring your gloves.


  • We need additional shovels and hand tools on May 19th.You can come out and lend your tools to the effort.


  • We need perennials and annual plants. Get them to us by May 12th so that we can determine our inventory and allocate to each corner as necessary.

You can just show up on May 19st at 9:00am at 301 N. Mayfield. We will start there and then take materials and teams to each corner. At noon we’ll meet together to celebrate.

We hope to see you there !