Our last meeting was full of information you could use. Here is a brief summary of some of the discussions.


CANA members, to expand our impact, spent the month of March working with and engaging others in the community, city, and county. CANA members volunteered to serve and to learn means to improve the quality of life in our environment.


Some of the activities they reported at our last meeting included the following:


  • Members engaged in get out the vote campaigns throughout several wards.


  • State Representative Ford: Members participated in the representative’s town hall meeting on reducing the negative impact of the criminal justice system.


  • Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin: Members participated in the commissioner’s Economic Development Task Force meeting. The task force will develop initiatives for consideration by the commissioner for implementation in the county,



Mayfield Community Garden

Third Unitarian Church is dedicating its vacant lots at the corner of Mayfield and Fulton to the community for gardening. All are invited to participate.


Participants will enjoy camaraderie, some free plants, support of master gardeners, and the enjoyment of eating the fruits of their labor. Community gardening provides many benefits for the gardeners as well as the surrounding area.


CANA members will participate and rent a plot. A plot can accommodate up to 2 members. If there is enough interest in planting vegetables and herbs, then CANA can cover the cost of renting another. The cost per plot is $25 per year.


CANA Corner Gardens

May 2, 2015, Saturday, from 9:30am to Noon, we will be preparing our corner gardens to display their beauty all summer. Come out and participate in something beautiful.





In addition to working hard, CANA members took some time for entertainment. 40 members of the CANA network enjoyed the musical Carousel at the Lyric Opera. This was our second outing to the Lyric Opera.

Fifth Anniversary Celebration

On July 18, 2015, we will hold our annual neighborhood celebration, celebrating five years of positive impact. Contact us to find out how you may contribute to make this the best celebration of all.




We appreciate and recognize all that have contributed their time, talents and treasure to CANA over the last five years. All are and have been welcome to become affiliated members of CANA.


This year we offered an additional means for stakeholders to provide support for our work: Financial Membership. The suggested donations are: $60 for individuals, $100 for households, $250 for businesses.


We are proud to report the following:

  • Household memberships from Menard, Mason, Mayfield and Washington
  • Household membership from Oak Park
  • Business Membership


We encourage you to consider making a donation to assist us in continuing our work to support our community.