CANA Collaborates on Corners!

The May 21st  Planting of Intersection Corners was a wonderful success! We had volunteers from the community, the city and as far away as Durham NC!

We had volunteers from almost every block from Madison to Corcoran and from Austin to Menard streets.  Thanks so much to so many people.

A special thanks to all the neighbors that donated not just their time but flowers and plants either from their yards or purchased. We were also extremely lucky to have a team of 18 volunteers from the Duke University Alumni Association’s  Duke Engage  program.  We even had a representative from Durham NC and the Duke Alumni Office in attendance! We had multi-unit building owners, Brick Yard’s Lowes, Mayfield Care Center,  and Third Unitarian Church  to donate flowers, time and/or money for plants.  We were thrilled with all the participation from residents of our neighborhood who saw us working and came out to help.  This was exactly what we hoped to see. We were truly moved by how much people really do care about their neighborhood and were just looking for like minded residents to join!   We had one member make multiple trips to Lowes to pick up flowers as well as loaning his garden tiller.  Thank you to Ward 29 Streets and Sanitation for the loaner tools and bags. We had another member who gave dozens of flowers, bulbs and plants as well as gardening expertise.  We had several men join us for the very hard work of hand digging to soften up the ground for the tillers to work. We had resident who provided water and agreed to continue watering after the planting is done. We had men who loaded trucks with mulch. We had a Third Church member who made signs for us and drove from intersection to intersection making deliveries. We had a resident who dug up plants and made deliveries. We had so many individuals to thank that it would be impossible to mention them all by name. We want you all to know how appreciative we are.  It takes a village to raise a  community!  We believe even small steps like beautification will bring a community together … today for a more attractive community and tomorrow perhaps for a safer community or next month for better schools for our community!