Alderman’s Monthly Meeting Provides Valuable Resource Information

I attended the Alderman’s monthly meeting which takes place on the first Monday of every month at 5701 W. Jackson. I heard information that could be valuable to many residents in our area.

There were speakers from a number of organizations, as well as comments by the precinct captain and the alderman. There was also a question and answer period and materials were passed out. The alderman’s office will also have copies of some of the information.

I’ll summarize some of what I heard. If you would like to know more, contact the alderman’s office.

Chicago Dept of Family and Support Services                                                             There is a 24 Hour service for providing assistance to the homeless. A van circulates  the area to pick up persons in need of emergency services. The Garfield Community Service Center located at 10 S. Kedzie is the only 24 hour service in the city. Julius Union is District Manager( he was the speaker).  They also provide shelter, emergency food, job training and other types of assistance. When you observe someone in need, you can call 312 746-5445 during business hours. At other times, call 311 and ask for emergency services.  Julius Union gave his direct contact number 312 743-0213.

Free Home Repairs for 50 homes                                                                                    Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit which uses volunteers to complete repairs to home using supplies donated by sponsors. Each year they target a neighborhood. They have targeted an area north of us. However, if they receive requests for this area, they can put us on the list for future projects.  Contact Lisa Miranda(speaker) at 312 201-1188.

Rodent Baiting                                                                     Kyle Smith, Ward Superintendent,  will bait for rodents in the front of your house and the  alley if you call his office. His number is 312 746-9707. He is located at 5605 W Grand.

ComEd  Resident Special Hardship                                                                               If you need assistance with  your comed bill, call 877 411-9276

FEMA Disaster Assistance                                                                                 The Austin area has been identified as an area with damages. You may be eligible for disaster aid. Call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362)

 Mortgage Assistance                                                                                                     There are  seminars scheduled to provide information about services and assistant for which you may qualify. The Chicago Department of Commuity Development, 312 744-3653 has sessions scheduled for Saturday, November 13, 2010 and Saturday, December 11, 2010.  Neighborhood Housing Services, 773 329-4185 has one session scheduled for October 16, 2010. You must call to pre-register.                                                 

I have visitied the alderman’s office and found printed material on a variety of topics. The office is open Saturday from about 10AM to 2PM. Call 73-261-4646 to confirm.I recommend that you also visit the office and attend the monthly meeting.