Youth/Family Activities

Youth/Family Activities Committee Overview:

Provide activities for our youth and families to positively channel their energy toward self improvement and healthy growth.

Where our mission is brought to reality

  • Determine vision
  • Identify and rank priorities
  • Select at least one goal to achieve by August 21
  • For each activity, develop program plan: Tasks, responsibilities ,due date, budget. Internal and external resources needed

Facilitator: Serethea Matthews-Reid


  • Plan age appropriate activities for youth,  teens and families
  • Encourage growth and development of our children with learning activities after school and weekends.
  • Plan trips and local activities such as tours and group nights out.
  • Organize events such as subsidized ski trips, library tours, museum visits, movie nights, etc.
  • Investigate partnership with Austin YMCA
  • Investigate possible CANA Youth Activities facility at 335 N. Mason


– plan events

– get tickets

– transport kids

– chaperon

– teach classes

– call parents

– manage parent permission slips

– call families

– maintain event calendar on web site

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