Annual Non Violence March to Commmemorate Robert Woods held in our Neighborhood

Robert Woods was a Curie High School Honor student and football player. He was a victim of gun violence in 2002 when he was gunned down in our neighborhood at the corner of Mason and Fulton.  His life and promise is honored every year by his mother JoEthel Brown who with the help of community activist and Evangelist Dorethea Stafford through a March Against Violence. The march is held on Memorial Day (the date of the shooting)  and starts at the corner of Mason and Fulton, one of the sites CANA planted flowers a week ago. 

Ms Brown comes back to our community and to one of our blocks to make sure we do not forget what happened.  Her desire to help other families and to prevent this from happening to others should be supported.  The march is attended each year by Hope House  of  Lawndale Community Church   founded by Pastor Wayne Gordon. This organization has been doing  good works in the community since 1978.  Associate Pastor and Director of Hope House Joseph Atkins leads the marchers through the 16 block area of CANA bounded by Austin and Menard and Madison and Corcoran.

– Please note there have been corrections to the Hope House participants since original posting. We had links to the wrong Hope House earlier.  Thank you.

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