CANA Speaks out in “” about Accountability and Lack of Planning by Elected Officials for the Austin Community

Residents seek answers, accountability in aldermen’s first 100 days

by Sarah Ostman on June 22, 2011

Before Rahm Emanuel became mayor last month, his team rolled out a transition plan. The 71-page document outlines a to-do list for his first 100 days in office, his first year and beyond, and includes a number of promises, including: cut $75 million from the budget, post a searchable city budget online and convene a committee to talk about food deserts.

“Change starts as a vision,” the report begins, “but to become reality, it needs to be embedded within a plan.”

Some West Side residents are questioning why they have not seen similar plans from their local leaders – especially after a hard-fought election that echoed with aldermen’s promises to bring change to struggling West Side wards.

Serethea Reid, a businesswoman and co-founder of the Central Austin Neighborhood Association, said she’s troubled by what she sees as West Side leaders’ lack of accountability and “measurable objectives.”

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