Corner Planting Wrap Up With Safer Foundation Volunteers

CANA members were joined by new volunteers from the Safer Foundation thanks to coordination by CANA member and former Aldermanic candidate Roman Morrow. The five volunteers helped us complete the month long planting process for 14 corners in our 16 block area.  The Safer guys were great; they were hard working and genuinely happy to help us. They were all goal oriented and several were excited about seeing their families and children soon.  We look forward to working with the Safer Foundation in the future.

We are greatful to all who contributed to this effort to beautify our neighborhood. Neighbors from Mason, Mayfied and Menard  came out and volunteered in so many ways.  A special shout out to men with tillers and trucks, you know who you are .. Rick, Marvin, Doug, Smitty, Robert.

We have already seen results from the plantings. Neighbors stopped to ask how they could help and wanted to know what else was planned. We even had a neighbor, Sharon, who  in addition to her work on several corners,  brought several students from her church’s “Rent a Kid Program” … now there’s a great concept! Sharon also volunteered to plant another corner this coming weekend near her home!  Yes we CANA!

Please enjoy the photos from the wrap up and see the finished product!