A:      9       Community Members came to the meeting 

B:      15     Community Members came to the meeting

C:      102 Community Members came to the meeting

For the months of April, May and June the 29thWard Alderman Chris Taliaferro held his regular community meeting at the Columbus Park Refectory.. It is an opportunity for constituents to directly influence our representative at the city council to get our fair share of city resources and economic development. At those meetings constituents and community stakeholders can express their concerns, ask questions and learn about the critical issues such as public safety, schools and jobs.

A, B and C above represent the attendance at the meetings for the months of April, May and June, but not in the right order. At one of the three meetings, the topic was a liquor license transfer on a block that has 3 liquor stores. Can you guess which, A, B or C, represents the number of people who came out for the meeting to retain a liquor store license?

The answer is C. 

Did you get the right answer? 

The real question is how will we get the right answers for our community.