High Paying Jobs Can Be Filled By You

A unique opportunity for training exists in the Austin neighborhood, available at low cost. There are exciting, high-paying manufacturing  jobs going unfilled due to a lack of skilled workers, even in this economy. Manufacturing is an exciting and growing industry, where companies create high-tech, complex products like wind turbines and airplanes.

Manufacturing companies have po0led their resources to offer these classes to train new employees. Let’s take full advantage of this opportunity.

 You can enroll now to learn in-demand computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining skills to help you get a good paying technical job and jump-start your career in manufacturing.

 Contact the director of the program for more information. Classes may start in April.

Maqsood Iqbal, Student Services Manager, (773) 534-6326


 Austin Manufacturing Training Center 

Austin High School Campus • 231 N. Pine Ave. • Chicago, IL 60644


Advanced manufacturing is the business of designing and building complex, high-tech products, such as robots, airplane engines, and computer chips. As low-skilled jobs are outsourced to developing countries, U.S. companies desperately need thousands of high-skilled workers who can operate sophisticated, computerized machines. Demand for these skills will continue to grow. Manufacturing jobs are exciting and high-paying, and an entry-level machining job provides many opportunities for promotion into skilled production, management, and even company ownership.

How will the Austin Manufacturing Training Center (AMTC) help me get a job?

The AMTC offers technical training in Austin Polytechnical Academy’s state of the art Manufacturing Technology Center, which features the same high-tech equipment used in advanced manufacturing companies. Trainees will learn to operate Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines, and earn the CNC Operator and CNC Setup, Program, and Operator certificates from the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). These certificates serve as proof of your skills, and are valued and respected by employers around the country.

How long is the AMTC’s training program and when do classes meet?

Our program includes 280 hours of classroom instruction. Classes meet two evenings a week for 44 weeks. As the program grows, weekend sessions and possibly summer daytime classes will be offered.

What are the enrollment requirements for the AMTC’s training program?

Trainees must have at least a ninth grade level of math and reading skills, and all applicants will be screened for general employability skills. Specific machining or manufacturing experience is not required. A good work history, an interest in making things, and/or mechanical aptitude are all pluses. Applicants must be drug-free. Qualifying family members of Austin Polytechnical Academy students will be given preference, but we strongly encourage everyone to apply. We also encourage businesses to enroll current employees who would benefit from NIMS certifications or updated knowledge and skills.

Is there a cost for participating in the AMTC’s training program?

Yes. Trainees or employers pay tuition. Unemployed or underemployed trainees may be eligible for tuition assistance through government programs. Tuition pays only a fraction of the cost of the AMTC’s program. The rest of the cost is paid for by local companies that need our graduates and by foundations that want to support community development in Austin.

For more information, call (773) 534-6326 or visit austinpolytech.org/amtc