Impactful Leadership Forum, February 5, 2015

Within the next month, February, Austin residents will be choosing, and placing their trust in, individuals to represent their interests in the city of Chicago. The members of the group Advocates for Neighborhood Development and Empowerment, ANDE, believe that the delivery of better information to the Austin community will help constituents:

  • Recognize and utilize their power to determine and exercise control over their lives
  • Identify the skills and best practices of the most effective representatives in the more desirable communities in Chicago
  • Make better choices for representation when given better information


ANDE will present a 29th Ward Aldermanic Forum on Impactful Leadership. Your participation is essential.

The Impactful Leadership Forum will take place on Thursday, February 5, 2015 at the Galewood Community Church located at 1776 N. Narragansett in Chicago. ANDE has designed a format that will focus on some of the key elements of insightful, effective and skilled leadership.


All of the candidates for alderman of the 29th ward have been invited to attend the Impactful Leadership Forum on February 5, 2015.  They have been asked, in advance of the Impactful Leadership Forum, to provide examples of their accomplishments that demonstrate skills and preparation to quickly lead the community in a movement that engages and empowers.


The ANDE Forum on Impactful Leadership will focus on the following areas of leadership:

  • Operations and Service Team Skills
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Economic Development
  • Community Engagement and Empowerment


The alderman, our representative at the table where city of Chicago and other government resources are allocated, must be able to bring back our community’s fair share. The Austin community must aim high in making its choice for representation.


Our elected representative must be able to clearly and persuasively articulate, advocate and build momentum for positive change. We need a highly skilled, results oriented leader who is prepared to execute a plan to improve the economic well being of our community.The ANDE Forum on Impactful Leadership is the first project for this new organization. Going forward, ANDE intends to create and provide continuing education opportunities for the Austin community.




Advocates for Neighborhood Development and Empowerment ANDE

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