Hearing on CANA/ACLU Police Response Time Data Petition 4/8/14 10:00 AM

There is a hearing April 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM at the Daley Center in court room 2308.

Please join us in helping the City of Chicago do what is right for poor neighborhoods in our city.

They continue to resist disclosing police deployment data that will determine if they allocate Police fairly in Chicago.

This fight is about how long it takes police to respond to our needs. It is about how many detectives are available to help close the dismal 33% closure rate on murders in our community.

This fight is about whether police officers assigned to our community are rested, not over worked and angry from racing from call to call without the help they deserve due to having too few officers to handle the work load.

This fight is about allowing drive by policing in our community but not all communities because the officers are too busy to stop and focus on prevention.

This fight is about ineffective use of overtime to police our community with officers pulled from other districts with no connection to our community to fill gaps.

This is a civil rights issue where poor, Black, and Hispanic communities are allowed to have high levels of crime and deteriorating environments because public safety has become a luxury item reserved for well to do politically connected communities.

Would you allow the city to give your community half the number of fire trucks you need while giving a nearby community twice as many as they need? Are you ok waiting two to four times longer than a north sider for a police officer to arrive if you have been shot or beaten or your home is in the process of being broken into? What if it was your child that was shot or at home during that break in?


Support us and prove this is not who we are as a city or country.