CANA Neighborhood Beautification

You might have noticed that the mountain of mulch that was on the vacant lot at the southeast corner of Mayfield and Corcoran has dwindled down to almost a mole hill. Thanks to your neighbors and the students from Christ the King High School, that mulch was moved to corners around our area.


Our annual corner beautification project kicked off on the first weekend in May. We removed weeds from six areas on the 200 N. and 300 N. blocks of Madison and topped them with mulch. The next weekend, we removed weeds and added mulch in some areas in the 100 N., 200 N. and 300 N. blocks of Menard.


Given the plantings from the previous years, and the ongoing work of a few neighbors, many of the corners just need a little work to restore them. Many of the hosta and daylily plants have come back. There are more wonderful surprises waiting.


This beauty belongs to all of us. Any neighbor, or two, can participate in this effort at any time. You don’t have to be an expert. The plants will receive attention whenever it is convenient for someone to pay them attention. A few corners are still waiting for restoration.


Thanks to our ward superintendent, Kyle, we were granted permission to put our mulch on that lot for use around our neighborhood. Please feel free to use it. If you think you need more, just contact We can put in a request for more from our donor.