Christ the King High School Joins CANA residents for Student, Family and Faculty Service Event

CANA Welcomed Christ the King High School for their annual family, student and faculty community service event on May 5th.   We also had Leader’s Council Member Eric Kyereme in attendance as well This is the second year they choose to spend it with us and we are extremely appreciative.  We enjoy all the support we have received but especially when it involves families with children. We believe it is important to pass on the practice of community service through action with our children.

This year we cleaned streets, dug up weeds from corners in preparation for our May 19th award winning flower planting effort. Another rewarding effort was planting flowers in barrels at the corner of Madison and Mason, where we have problems with loitering, partying and drug activity. We hope this experiment will brighten up this area and through beautification, make this area less attractive to those engaging in illegal activity.  The barrel planting also involved children that live on that block. They came out to join the other families in planting and watering the flowers.