Monthly Meeting HIghlights Positive Developments in Austin

We are encouraged by the outpouring of positive support we continue to receive. College alumni associations, high school students, companies and individuals have contacted us and expressed interest in joining us in actions to improve our community. The support comes from within and outside of our community.

Our last meeting was held on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. Highlights are presented below:

 Austin Community Developments

Among the topics discussed were the projects of Austin Coming Together, Community Action Council, and Mercy Housing. Each of those groups have been developing strategic approaches to address the economic, education and housing concerns of Austin residents.


CANA Projects and Priorities


We have had overwhelmingly positive response to our beautification project. The flowers on the corners have provided a much needed lift to spirits in the area.


Farmers Market

We have begun to look into bringing a Farmers Market to Austin next year. We hope to be able to present more details later.


Bike Club

The Bike Club continues to roll. We leave at 6:00am on Wednesday s from 301 N. Mayfield. We leave on Saturday at 10:00am.


By the way we had a great ride on Wednesday evening. Several adults and one six year old, out for his first ride away from his home.


Neighborhood Safety

We reported that we have seen more success with our efforts to increase our sense of safety. After great persistence and participation in 911 call trees by one block, they reported that they have seen a great reduction in the level of disorderly conduct at what was once a very popular corner for hanging out.


Holiday Celebration

We are planning to have a celebration in December. Everyone is invited and we welcome your contribution to the effort.


Future Plans

We have begun to plan our activities for next year. Topics under discussion include:

Street and Alley cleanings

Corner planting maintenance

Farmers Market and Art Fair

Summer Festival and Health Fair


We can achieve whatever we commit to doing.