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Block Beautification Committe

Lets adopt a highway?

Interested in adopting a stretch of hi-way? Give back and get some recognition for our organization with a sign on that hi-way. See IDOT program below: Illinois Adopt-A-Highway Program The Illinois Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) programs brings citizen volunteers into partnerships with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to pick up trash and keep our roadsides clean.…

Four Corner Planters

CANA members have adopted key intersections for beautification by planting flowers in each of the four corners. Example intersections include the corner of Washington and Mason as well as the corner of Mason and West End. Please contact the chair or members of the Beautification Committee to volunteer!

CANA beautifies the block

CANA members plant flowers around trees at the corner of Madison and Mason. The area around the sidewalk tree had become a dumping area for trash and bottles as well as a haven for weeds. They were replaced by plants and flowers with fresh mulch to retain water. The day care center next door was…