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Website   www.cana16.com

(312) 952-4983

You can also mail to us at:

Central Austin Neighborhood Association (CANA)

PO Box 531

Oak Park, IL 60303


East: Menard (5800 West)        West: Austin (6000 West)

North: Corcoran (400 North)       South: Madison (0 North)

Mission      To unite institutions and residents to build and protect an excellent place to live, work, play, raise children, run a business and worship

Goal              To identify, strategize, and organize around significant community issues

  • To improve the physical and moral environment of the neighborhood.
  • To eliminate nuisances or unwholesome influences in the neighborhood.
  • To cooperate with various governmental agencies to improve the economic, health, safety, physical, and cultural standards


The Central Austin Neighborhood Association, CANA, seeks to bring together all members of the neighborhood to advocate for improvement in our neighborhood.  Our members pool their time, expertise and resources to accomplish common goals. We combine our efforts to get more done.

Get things done in your community

Things we would like to do with your help

Anti litter campaign

Assigned police beat officer for our community: foot and bike patrol

Plant flowers at all of the corners in our 16 blocks

Fall Festival for all 16 blocks

Neighborhood watch

Alley cleanings

Create a greater sense of community

Improve surrounding blocks in addition to your block

Support blocks that don’t have block club

Provide outlet and events for youth throughout our community

Increase sense of ownership in future of community

Attract more businesses and employers to this community

Address problem buildings and loitering

Create a more beautiful landscape for the entire community

Identify alternative strategies for neighborhood  safety

Work with city, state and federal government to bring more and better services to our community


Where our mission is brought to reality

  • Determine vision
  • Identify and rank priorities
  • Select at least one goal to achieve by August 21
  • For each activity, develop program plan: Tasks, responsibilities ,due date, budget. Internal and external resources needed

Membership Development

Invite/increase participation by all inhabitants of target area

Block Beautification

Create a more inviting visual of our neighborhood..

Neighborhood Safety

Identify and implement alternative strategies for creating a greater sense of safety

Government Services

Identify services available  to our community from all levels of government. Seek methods and ways to increase level and type of services received.

Think Tank

Explore best practices for community improvement and development. Identify models or tactics used by other groups.


  • Combine our voices and efforts to get more done in our community
  • Develop spirit of cooperation among all who work, run a business, raise children, worship and live in this area
  • Bring more and better governmental services
  • Make our community look more beautiful
  • Attract more employers and increase support for businesses in our community
  • Provide additional outlets and events for youth
  • Implement additional strategies to increase sense of safety

  7 comments for “About CANA

  1. Edward Egypt Williams
    November 28, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    First I wantto give praise for the hard working efforts of the CANA committee members. Your hard work and efforts are truly being noticed and the community will greatly benifit from the efforts. I want to apologize for my lack of time due to serious issues in my field of work. With working with the mentally ill, from youth to those being released from prison my time have been limited to say the least. I want to still provide as much as I can and the best why is updates and communication via emails. Please forward any information that would be needed on my end and I will respond within a day. Keep up the good work and I’m here to aid.

  2. December 15, 2010 at 8:14 am

    We wanted to make sure you saw that we reposted the Austin Weekly News story on our home page today; it’s our top feature! Here’s the link: http://austintalks.org/2010/12/new-group-tackling-crime-clutter-in-community/

    Please let us know about upcoming events, as we’d like to publish photos and other news about CANA. Thank you!

    • January 6, 2011 at 10:54 pm

      Oh, Freedom!–The Day of Jubilee! is a pageant celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation,which Lincoln signed on Jan 1. It was written by Rev.-Dr.(Ph.D. in history)Finley Campbell, an African-American who chaired the Black Studies program at U. of Wisconsin–Madison. It will be performed Sat.1/8 at a mostly black church in Hyde Park, Sun. at a mostly white church in Hyde Park. Dr. Campbell would like to see the Pageant premiere in Austin during Black History Month. For details email Jerry Parker at jleep41@yahoo.com

  3. Janice McCullins
    February 16, 2011 at 11:22 am

    I am a resident of the 5400 W. Congress Pkwy block. I came across your web page in the Austin Talk newsletter. I am very impressed with what CANA is doing in the community. Keep up the good work. I am actively seeking out ways to get involved in my own community. Any suggestions?

  4. Greg
    March 11, 2011 at 6:47 am

    we have added your link to the GADA home page. Good to see you last night.

    • rmreid
      March 11, 2011 at 8:59 am

      Thanks Greg!

      Enjoyed the meeting and connecting with multi-unt owners in the community. We look forward to partnering this year on a neighborhood beautification project. We also enjoy reading about the history of Austin featured on your web site’s links. Great job on your site!

  5. April 14, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    CANA Friends, Would like to see you Tue. if the bus to Springfield makes good time back. There may be free transportation and free lunch available to you,even at this late date. Maybe even 400 volunteer lobbyists like you and me are heading down to dialog with legislators and/or their staff about 3 issues. The info below comes from a Community Renewal Society website.

    Call 312.427.4830 to reserve a seat! Free lunch will be provided.

    Here is what CRS is advocating for:


    •HB 3061: Expanding Sealing for People with Felony Records

    Click here for HB 3061 Coalition Fact Sheet

    Click here for HB 3061 CRS Fact Sheet

    Illegal Gun Trafficking
    •Titling Guns
    •Universal Background Checks
    •Lost and Stolen Guns

    Click here for the CRS Anti-Trafficking Fact Sheet.
    Anybody else from CANA planning to go to Springfield? Jerry Parker

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