Alderman Deborah Graham provided a brief summary of the developments and issues she has been working on for the 29th Ward. They included:

  • Special Service Area-a financial tool to bring additional services to the ward
  • Promise Project-a multi-faceted proposal modeled after the Harlem Promise Zone
  • Bars and liquor sales on Madison and Division streets
  • Hub for small businesses


Tom LaPorte, Water Management, presented the advantages of getting the new water meter if a home currently does not have a meter. According to their research, 98% of people who get new meter save money. A free rain barrel is offered as an incentive. Call  (312) 744-4H20 or 311 for more information.

A representative from Austin Polytechnical Academy invited members of the community to come and learn about the innovative high school in Austin that prepares students for college and high-tech, high-paying careers in manufacturing. 60 manufacturing companies are in partnership with the Academy. Graduates receive nationally recognized professional machining certifications Plans are underway to expand the programming to provide training for adults to obtain the national certification as well. For more information, call Ms. Brown at (773) 534-6302.

Snow’s coming and Kyle, the Ward Superintendent, provided a great optional service. If residents on a block will form a phone tree and agree to leave one side of the street clear when snow is expected, he will arrange for the snow plow to come and plow the car-free side of the street. When the cars move to the clean side, he will arrange to plow the other. It’s a great service. Residents must work together to take advantage.

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