Join With Others to Create a Brighter 2012 for Austin

CANA  and Third Unitarian Church closed out 2011 with a warm gathering  for an evening of celebration  and fellowship . We dined on a meal that reflected the kindness and great generosity of our neighbors. Everyone had more than enough and the cooks and servers were complimented on their fine work. 

Because we joined together and worked on common goals, we were able to make significant, positive changes in our neighborhood last year.  We want to build on our accomplishments and momentum to continue to move ourselves and our community forward.

In our general monthly, meeting Tuesday we reviewed our mission and goals as the first step in our planning process for 2012.  Our general monthly meetings are limited to 90 minutes, not enough time to complete all of the necessary work.

A planning meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at 301 N. Mayfield, Third Unitarian Church. At that meeting we will develop our specific activities for 2012, identify required resources and neighborhood assets, and create the calendar for the execution of those activities.

If we don’t make a move to help ourselves,

No one else will.

We continue to look for creative solutions. All are invited to participate in this effort.

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