First Meeting Celebrates Accomplishments, Plans for New Heights



CANA started this new year with its usual vigor. We gathered on Tuesday to celebrate the work completed in 2010 and to prepare to reach new heights in 2011.


Our accomplishments in 2010 were many. Given that our first meeting took place in August, we accomplished much in a short time frame. Our accomplishments included:  

 Dynamic Website created

We received compliments from members of the police department, community organization and residents. If you haven’t seen it, take a look.

 Garnered support from outside of our 16 blocks

We have been successful in attracting Austin residents who live south and west of our area. We have also enjoyed the support of some Oak Park residents.

 Presented safety concerns at Police Board Meetings

In October and November, we stood up for our community at the monthly Police Board Meetings. We elevated our demand for equitable police service to their senior management level.

 Completed Watch Dog Training by the Better Government Association

CANA members learned how to become more effective at holding our elected officials responsible for their work.

Supported Education

We raised and donated $250 to the Scholarship Fund at Third Unitarian Church. Their scholarships are a resource for Austin residents.

 Made our community more visually attractive

We picked up trash and cleaned the entire 16 block area. We planted three corners with plants and flowers.

 Shared a meal with our community

We held a pot-luck community dinner. And a good time was had by all.

 Forged partnerships with new and existing organizations

  • Third Unitarian Church has provided solid support since our first meeting. They continue to allow us to meet in their space.
  • Austin Coming Together has benefited from volunteer work performed by CANA members. We designed their website. We are leading some of the efforts on the Economic Development committee.
  • Dominican University is exploring ways to assist the Austin community. CANA members are planning to assist them with that effort.


CANA membership increased dramatically. Our accomplishments reflect the work of our members.

Number of


17        Delivered flyers to homes and businesses at least once between August and December

 14        Stood up for our rights at the Police Board Meeting in November

 10        Participated in setting up the CANA meeting room or clearing the meeting room at least one time

 10        Donated a dish to the Holiday Celebration

8          Donated money to the scholarship fund

 7          Donated money to cover the cost of refreshments at a meeting

 5          Covered the cost of printing flyers for the meetings

 5          Delivered flyers more than one time

 5          Participate in meeting set up more than one time

 4          Donated paper

 1          Protest Letter writer

 There is room for everyone “to be in that number” .


At the meeting, we broke into working groups to begin work on the projects of interest for 2011. Please contact the named facilitator if you would like to work on a stated project. If you want to add your effort on another effort, please let us know.                 

 Education        Lizette Marshall

 Festival            Luwanda Johnson

 Clean Up         Marvin Marshall

 Plantings         Jane Shirley

 Police/Safety   Ron Reid

 We want to start early to identify and plan for our activities for 2011. We do not want to wait until the last minute.

 We discussed some efforts that are taking place that need our attention. They include:

  • Magnet school for Austin
  • Police Response time data
  • January Police Board Meeting

Members were given information and instruction on how to provide support.

 2011 should prove to be more productive than 2010. We hope that everyone continues to lend their support and spread the word about the changes that are taking place in our community.

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