It has been nearly two months since our last appearance at the Police Board meeting. We skipped the December meeting and the January meeting is coming up in about5 days. It looks like we must make another appearance at the Police Board meeting.

 At the last meeting we made requests for information from the Police Department Superintendent. At that time the General Counsel for Superintendent Weis stated that she would prepare a response to our questions.

 Some of the questions we raised were related to the Office of Emergency Management, a separate organization. The Chairman of the Police Board stated that he would ask the management of the OEMC to send a representative to the Police Board meeting to address the issues we raised.

 We have not received a response from the General Counsel for Superintendent Weis. Freedom of Information requests should receive a response in less than 2 weeks. The Executive Director for the Police Board stated that he will look into this matter.

 The OEMC has stated that it will be in attendance at the next Police Board meeting on Thursday, January 20, 2011.

 It may be that senior management of the Police Department is waiting to see if we have given up the pursuit. If we don’t persist, they won’t have to do anything more.

 We must continue to let them know that these issues are important to us and we expect their full attention. We can do that by:

  • Requests for information through FOI
  • Continued engagement of our alderman and other elected officials
  • Attendance at the Police Board meetings
  • Calls to 911
  • Attendance at CAPS meetings
  • Support for efforts by our community organizations

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