Once again CANA members stood out and up at the Police Board meeting on November 18th. There were 14 members in attendance, a 75% increase in our number. After picking up copies of the minutes of the previous meeting, we took “our” seats on the front two rows directly in front of the panel of board members.

After the short conduct of the scheduled business of the meeting, registered speakers were then invited to come to the mike. CANA’s presence was recognized and commented on by the board president and we were allowed to go first. Four CANA members spoke, followed by two other people in attendance.

The board gave Jody Weiss, the Police Superintendent, a waiver from the reading of his report. This is the third month that he was not present.

Commander Green from the 15th District was present. His presence was pointed out to us by the board and other officers present.

Legal counsel for the police superintendent was present. On several occasions, she was directed by the police board president to offer a response to the questions posed by CANA members. She responded with body language and tone that were overtly negative and dismissive. She recommended that we address our concerns only at the CAPS meeting and speak with Commander Green.

Our questions from the prior meeting were not answered. You can read the list of questions from an earlier post. We were informed that they had been passed on to the Superintendent of Police and that an answer would be made.

Commander Greene spoke with individual members of CANA after the meeting. He suggested that there will be no need for us to attend the next meeting.

We hope that we find that to be the case.

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