On Thursday, October 14,2010, I attended the 10th annual free Smart Women Smart Money conference and luncheon held by the Illinois State Treasurer at the UIC Forum. The keynote speaker was Rosie Rios, the Treasurer of the United States. The honorees were Merri Dee, State President, Illinois AARP and Leticia Velez-Hudson, President of Chicago Mini Bus Travel.

 The Smart Women Smart Money conference is a unique environment where women encourage each other on their journey toward greater financial security. It provides information and resources to help women of all ages to get through these changing and challenging economic times. Speakers covered topics that would be of interest to the self employed, unemployed, employed and retired.

 I was inspired by each of the speakers. I attended 2, hour long breakout sessions: Living frugally and Government Contracting. I wanted to hear ideas for making a dollar go farther and find out how to obtain contracts from various government agencies. I received suggestions that I will be implementing immediately.

 There were vendors and potential employers. There were giveaways and free materials. I made contacts with men and women who share my interests. I found the conference to be beneficial on many levels. The conference also provides a free lunch.

 I highly recommend that women of all ages make an effort to find a way to attend in 2011. The Illinois State Treasurer’s office has even greater plans for the next conference. We can all benefit from becoming more financially fit.

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