The Turkey Problem in Austin

Austin has a Turkey problem.

Every year around the holidays and political elections, our local elected officials deliver free turkeys to potential voters.  One cannot underestimate the power of the turkey. Elections have been won and lost over the size, quality and quantity of turkey.  The magic of the turkey to rule over neighborhoods is well known and understood. These magical birds have brought around many a dissatisfied resident to the turkey giver’s point of view. Even churches and organizations have been silenced by these powerful birds. Even “Angry birds” portrayed in the games of the same name have  got nothing on these mystical beasts.  We’re still trying to determine the source of these birds. There have been suggestions in the past that we contact city hall since in years past they purchased them in bulk.  These Turkeys have silenced whole communities that have endured inaction by its leaders, injustice by local government, acceptance of poor schools, crime in the streets, broken sidewalks, poor lighting, no grocery stores, trash in the streets and yes absent investment even with funds generated by our own tax dollars.


Join the Central Austin Neighborhood Association in our on-going turkey hunt … find your voice…. ruffle some feathers… volunteer in your community.  Don’t be silent about issues that affect us all.

We must eradicate these vicious birds in Austin before its too late.

In coming weeks we’ll address the chicken problem.