Month: September 2010

CANA Holds Successful 2nd Public Meeting

  We had another great turnout with several new attendees. This meeting focused on building out the committees and gaining committments from a number of neighbors to lead and work for improvements in our community.

Public Relations

This committee will manage our image with the Austin community, the City of Chicago and the Country at large. If you are interested in working on this committee, please contact Diana Carpenter @ 708 524 0576

Tuesday, Next Meeting, 10/19 at 6:30PM

Come out and be the change you want to see in the neighborhood.  There is power in numbers. Tuesday, October 19th 6:30 PM Third Unitarian Church   301 N. Mayfield Come join neighbors, organizations, businesses, and institutions to plan and support change and improvements to create a more vibrant neighborhood. We have great potential and lots…

Alderman’s Monthly Meeting Provides Valuable Resource Information

I attended the Alderman’s monthly meeting which takes place on the first Monday of every month at 5701 W. Jackson. I heard information that could be valuable to many residents in our area. There were speakers from a number of organizations, as well as comments by the precinct captain and the alderman. There was also…

The Future of Policing in our neighborhood

Participate in a meeting and discussion of the systemic problems in adequate policing in the Austin community. Police response times and inability to stop drug dealing has grown to epidemic levels. We are looking for solutions … response time standards for the police, litigate failure to respond to calls in our neighborhood, bring back beat…

CANA Anti Litter Campaign

We need your help in putting together and anti-litter campaign for our community and our schools.  Please contact Ron Reid or Marvin Marshall for more information and to help!

Lets adopt a highway?

Interested in adopting a stretch of hi-way? Give back and get some recognition for our organization with a sign on that hi-way. See IDOT program below: Illinois Adopt-A-Highway Program The Illinois Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) programs brings citizen volunteers into partnerships with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to pick up trash and keep our roadsides clean.…

Let’s bring recycling to Austin

If you are interested in working to bring recycling to the Austin community, please let us know and we can start a committee. Perhaps our CANA community can become a test area?

ComEd opens “Innovation Corridor”

ComEd has opened an “Innovation Corridor” near us to provide testing for solar panels and power monitoring software and systems. The equipment provided during the test will given to participants at no charge. Lets discuss how to bring this to our area and become part of the new Green Economy! See the Tribue article below:…