Lets adopt a highway?

Interested in adopting a stretch of hi-way? Give back and get some recognition for our organization with a sign on that hi-way. See IDOT program below: Illinois Adopt-A-Highway Program The Illinois Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) programs brings citizen volunteers into partnerships with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to pick up trash and keep our roadsides clean.…

Let’s bring recycling to Austin

If you are interested in working to bring recycling to the Austin community, please let us know and we can start a committee. Perhaps our CANA community can become a test area?

ComEd opens “Innovation Corridor”

ComEd has opened an “Innovation Corridor” near us to provide testing for solar panels and power monitoring software and systems. The equipment provided during the test will given to participants at no charge. Lets discuss how to bring this to our area and become part of the new Green Economy! See the Tribue article below:…

Web site test

Title: Web site test Location: Virtual Meeting Start Time: 09:30 Date: 2010-08-30 Please comment below with your thoughts, likes dislikes. Many thanks, Ron  (708) 308 8985

CANA Public Meeting

Title: CANA Public MeetingLocation: 3rd Unitarian Church 301 N. MayfieldDescription: CANA Public MeetingStart Time: 06:30Date: 2010-09-14

Map of our area

We’re looking for ideas for how to use Google Maps. Let’s talk about it. Please leave you ideas in a reply/post/

Intentional Community…build our own?

The Tribune featured a interesting article on how to provide community services for future seniors .. that means you!  ..  who want to stay in their homes and communities.  Perhaps we can build our own version of the featured Lincoln Park Village organization.  Lets us know your thoughts! www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/ct-mre-0829-intentional-communities-20100827,0,5870450.story chicagotribune.com It takes a village to…

Walk a Child to School

We have had a number of kids express that they want adults to walk them to school. They are afraid of being hassled in the mornings and on the way from school. We are looking for volunteers to walk with our children to school when parents are not able or available. To volunteer, please contact…

Four Corner Planters

CANA members have adopted key intersections for beautification by planting flowers in each of the four corners. Example intersections include the corner of Washington and Mason as well as the corner of Mason and West End. Please contact the chair or members of the Beautification Committee to volunteer!

CANA beautifies the block

CANA members plant flowers around trees at the corner of Madison and Mason. The area around the sidewalk tree had become a dumping area for trash and bottles as well as a haven for weeds. They were replaced by plants and flowers with fresh mulch to retain water. The day care center next door was…

How to Volunteer

Volunteering is very easy. Simply contact the facilitator for the committee you want to join by posting  your interest under the Committee page, or contact the site Admin Ron Reid @ 708 308 8985  to have your name and contact info sent to the appropriate Facilitator.